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The Publishing and Printing Enterprise Ştiinţa is founded in 1959 under the auspices of The Academy of Science of Moldova in the purpose of editorial process of scientific researches of the scientists from the Republic with the so called Publishing House Ştiinţa, being transformed in 1965 into The Publishing and Drafting Section of the Academy of Science of Moldova. In 1971 is returned to Entreprise the name of Publishing House Ştiinţa, but in 1991 is called The Publishing and Printing Enterprise Ştiinţa.

P.P.E. Ştiinţa was publishing during the years about 8,500 books and scientific magazines in a circulation over and above 24 millions copies.

Initiated prestigious series and collections, some of them (Moldova in feudalism epoch, The People’s oral Creation, Zonal Folklore, The Animal world from Moldova, The Archaeological map of Moldova, Mathematical researches, Botanical researches, Physical researches, Chemical researches, Electric conducted lines, Cybernetics seminars, The Geographical problems of Moldova, Inheritance, Pages about Basarabia, Old cultures in Moldova, Permanencies and the others) have diversified the ideative national and international thesaurus. A particular place belongs to the publishing of magazines and scientific bulletins.

The last preoccupations are centered on essential works: encyclopedic collection (having original text and images) Animal Word and Vegetal World of Moldova (in 8 volumes): the collection of anthologies The Literature from Basarabia in XX century (twelve volumes, divided in literary genres, with substantial introductive studies); actual collections The strategy of the change and The social bondage; literary collections Opera aperta, The North library and Anthology of one author; the collection Scholar Dictionaries, other works necessary for all ages. A particular chapter of “ŞTIINŢA”'s preoccupations constitutes the publishing of scholar textbooks and didactic auxiliaries for all education's levels, inclusively for schools where the studies are in Russian language.

The latest collections, Academica and The notorious personalities, elaborated under the aegis of The Academy of Science of Moldova, include the scientific book titles from the following domains: basic researches (monographs, studies, syntheses and so on), scientific patrimony (the science' history, scientific personalities and so on).

: 3 Academiei Street; MD-2028, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova

Telephone: (+373 22) 73-96-16

Tel./fax: (+373 22) 73-96-27


Director: Gheorghe Prini, Ph. D. of Engineering

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